How to Send Fax From Gmail

Do you want to send fax from Gmail? Google fax is possible and is very inexpensive with online fax services, also known as email fax or internet fax services.

There are many online fax services but only the providers below offer easy integration with your web mail so that you can fax from gmail. But that's not all...

Each provider offers a FREE 30 day trial, take advantage of this offer so you can test out the service before signing up! Below is an online fax comparison chart to help you get started.

Email Fax Comparison Table
Services RingCentral MyFax eFax
Free Trial fax trial fax trial fax trial
Setup Free Free Free
Lowest Price $7.99 $10.00 $12.95
Pages Included 500 200 Incoming, 100 Outgoing 130 Incoming
Extra Pages Fee 5.9¢ 10¢ 10¢
Fax Number Toll Free, Local, Canada, UK Toll Free, Local, International Toll Free, Local, International
Customer Service 24/7 24/7 24/7

Getting Started with Gmail Fax

Online fax services where designed to provide you with an easy, fast and reliable faxing experience. Integrating the online fax service of your choice with your gmail account is easy and usually doesn't require any configurations or setups.

To start you will need to have a gmail account, this is a free web mail service provided by Google.

Online fax service have their own online dashboard where you can manage your incoming and outgoing faxes. But these services also have several features which include integration with your web mail, such as gmail. With your monthly plan you will also get a free fax number, this fax number is also compatible with gmail. You can configure your service to send all incoming faxes to your gmail account and easily send a fax from your gmail account.

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