Why Use Google Fax to Email Services?

Having a Google fax to email service provides many benefits and being able to integrate internet faxing with your gmail account will help you in many ways.

Why choose Google fax instead of using a fax machine?

To start, DID YOU KNOW: According to the "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency" the fax machine consumes the most energy in the office!

A fax machine is a black hole that is sucking in your money with expenses such as paper, toner, extra phone lines, installations and more. On the other hand, with a Google fax to email service you will start immediately start saving time and money.

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Benefits of Google Fax:

These are just a few of the many benefits that you will discover when you start to receive and Google fax over internet. Compare the best Google fax providers or pick from the list below to start your free 30 day fax trial today!

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