How to Send Fax From Gmail

To fax from gmail simply create a new email but in the “To:” text field you place the fax number you are sending to along with a predetermined text that your provider specifies.

For example with RingCentral Fax you place:

fax from gmail

Then you can attach any needed documents and/or message and just click send! Much easier than hearing the annoying busy signal noise from a fax machine. Now you have your own “virtual fax machine”. You can fax from any computer, laptop and even from your cell phone.

Pretty easy huh? Now Try it Out for FREE!

I found that faxing through the internet is a very similar to sending and receiving email, which makes the transition from fax machine to online fax very easy. You can pay monthly or annually, prices start as low as $4.95 a month.

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This gmail fax solution is recommended for everyone. Whether you have a home office or business, all your faxes will be delivered quickly and safely to your email.

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